The Personal
Bank Theory

Special Message from the Author

Thank you. Thank you for being you, thank you for taking the time to not just pick up this book but to make the conscious decision to be better today. Anyone who comes across this content is truly prepared for something more. I thank you for your preparation for this moment, because the world needs you. The world wants to know more about you, what you like and what more you will contribute to society. We are all connected to something bigger and the first step of that connection is valuing your own place in this space. You are someone, you are valid and we are here for each other.

The journey of life is all in question. The why moves us forward in thought and nature.

Can financial freedom be systemized? The Personal Bank Theory raises important questions worth asking. Is freedom more than a number? Does any real change exist past what we can change for ourselves? Is the change in ourselves the real change the world needs? Will what we change today actually change our tomorrow? And are we ready for the change in ourselves necessary for true freedom?

Julius Thomas Trimble
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